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A library of high-resolution videos of communicative gestures (pantomimes and emblems) and meaningless gestures is publicly available for research on gestures, language and multimodal communication. For all the gestures, the library provides measures of comprehensibility in two cultures (Italian and American), normed naming and verbal description.

The library provides norms for 270 gestures, performed by the same actress. All videos have the same length. For each gesture, the library provides an index of meaningfulness, an index of correspondence between the intended meaning and the expressed meaning, the most frequent verbal label and verbal description. These measures were collected in two groups, belonging to different cultural groups (Italians and Americans), which offers insight on cross-cultural variations.

This library has already been used in published studies (e.g., Agostini, Papeo, Lingnau, 2018; Vannuscorps and Caramazza, PNAS 2016) and is freely available online. »Download the library

Agostini B., Papeo L., Galusca C.I., & Lingnau A., (2019). A norming study of high-quality video clips of pantomimes, emblems and meaningless gestures. Behavior Research Methods, in press » Go to article

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