June 19, 2020: We are at the virtual Vision Science Society meeting #VSS2020 !! Check out a talk on body/scene perception by Etienne Abassi >>here
and the poster by Céline Spriet on visual object categorization in infants >>here

July, 2019: Our Ilenia Paparella has been awarded the Claudio Dematte scholarship from University of Trento to fund one year of research in our lab. Bravo Ilenia! “ Read more about this scholarship

March 8, 2019: Liuba chaired and presented in the symposium “Seeing Relations: From Multiple-Object Perception to the Representation of Social Events” at the International Convention of Psychological Science #ICPS2019 in Paris. The symposium also hosted talks by Daniel Kaiser (Freie Universität Berlin), Julia Sliwa (CNRS, France) and Kami Koldewyn (Bangor University, UK).”Link to the event”

February 2019: Cristina Galusca wins the Institute of Cognitive Science Marc Jeannerod Young Prize Award (5000 euros). The prize acknowledges the best project for activities that can promote collaboration among teams at the ISC_MJ. Cristina’s project includes the organization of a workshop with an original schema for scientific exchange and social inclusion and a particular attention to minorities (foreigners and women). All projects for this competition have been evaluated by a committee of internal and external CNRS researcher. The award ceremony will take place at the ISC_MJ on March 13. Bravo Cristina!

January 2019: The lab welcomes four new members: Emmanuelle Bellot, Cristina Galusca, Ilenia Paparella and Celine Spriet.

Sep/Oct, 2018: Liuba Papeo has presented the lab’s latest research at the SCIENCE OF SOCIAL INTERACTION workshop hosted at Bangor University (Sept 11) and as part of the Departmental Colloquia series, at the Department of Cognitive Science of the Central European University (Budapest, Oct 4).